Hello Writer!

My name is Bethany A Tucker. As editor I specialize in speculative fiction, which includes fantasy, sci-fi and futuristic works. All genres and all levels of heat/maturity will be fully considered.

My editing focus is the developmental level though I will line-edit as I see things, especially if it relates heavily to voice or structure, or a form issue that needs to be resolved, such as grammar tense. I consider a high level review to be a masterclass experience for the writer and seek to offer not just comments and explanations on what works or doesn’t work, but also perspective and concepts for improvement. I want you to be empowered and ready to tackle your next draft.

I also offer comprehensive editing on the sentence and paragraph level. This means I will point out spelling errors, clean up sentences and critique weak language choices, highlight inconsistencies and generally scrub a manuscript in preparation for editing. This is not proof reading. I do not offer proof reading services.

For our time working together, you will have my twenty plus years of writing and teaching experience at your disposal. As a published indie author, I know what you are going through. I’m not here to tell your what to do, I’m here to point you in the direction of the answers that are true for you and your unique work. Consider me a guide, not a drill master. Gandalf, not Professor Umbridge. Unless you say otherwise, I will edit with your future reader in mind and assume that you intend to publish. This means I will edit for what keeps people reading.

Beyond the structure of your plot, I will deeply examine your characters and world with the reader experience in mind. This means I will be keeping an eye on sensitive subject matter, consistency of world building and internal world logic, as well as theme and tone.

A little on my background. I have been an educator in four countries, hold a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Denison University, spent a year at Nanjing University, and enjoy traveling, though I’ve usually worked everywhere I go. So while you’re building up your fictional history, religion, economics, etc., expect me to go through it like someone who’s been trained to study it and has the resources to help you make it solid. While at university I conducted research on Art and Music as Tools of Political Propaganda in Communist China, which only helped my ability to examine fiction for its emotional effectiveness. My fantasy is published under two pen names, my Y.A. as Mustang Rabbit and my dark epic as Ciara Darren (out in 2021).

Additionally, I have released one non-fiction title, Editing Your Novel’s Structure: Tips, Tricks, and Checklists to Get You From Start to Finish. This book is specifically designed to help you reduce the cost of hiring an editor, by enabling you to take your manuscript as close to perfect as possible, before procuring professional support.