About Me

Welcome to my office on the internet. My name is Bethany Tucker. The Art and Science of Words is my one-girl shop.

Hmm. . . let’s see. What do you want to know about me? Probably how I can help you with your manuscript! Do I know my limited POVs from my omnipresent POVs? Does story structure run off my tongue in my sleep? Well, for my husband’s sake, I hope I don’t talk in my sleep. And yes, I do know my POVs apart from each other, as well as most people probably know their cats. (Unfortunately, no cats right now…… situation to be rectified, soon.)

Editing is a partnership, a back and forth of ideas and perspectives, where one side is refining their work of creativity and art, and the other is bringing perspective, knowledge, and a host of communication skills to transfer that knowledge to the other person.

When I work with you, I want you to be uncomfortable. Just a little bit. Because that edge is the borderlands where growth happens. It’s where changes are made and you, as a writer, stretch your wings and learn to fly higher. I’m not here to praise your work or tell you what a good job you’ve done. You don’t pay me for that! Although I do so enjoy being able to stand up and clap when something amazing happens!

What you do pay me for is everything else – those notes and critiques and insights that well-meaning friends and family might not give you. What I bring is perspective. Years of practice in the field of writing. Like you, I have written books. And I’ve also published. I know the struggle of tightening up a ‘mushy middle’ or tracking down all the loose ends and balancing internal and external conflict. When we sit down with your book you’ll hear me asking questions about theme, and genre, and if you know what reader expectations for you sub-genre are. And if you don’t, that’s ok, but hopefully, you’ll know before we’re through. I do assign homework.

On the line-edit level, I bring to the table years of ESL instruction and I can spot an adverb where an adjective should be from twenty paces. I also have a rich vocabulary of synonyms to pull from when you use the same word for the tenth time in the same paragraph. Yes, I will come after you with a red pen for that. Be prepared. ^_^

So, if you’re ready to wrangle that manuscript into shape, figure out what’s gone sideways with your plot, or want to get your POV’s and line edits in order, hit that Contact on the left hand side or write me at bethanytucker.writing@gmail.com.

I look forward to working with you!