Author Website

So, you have a book written, or two. The budget has gone for that beautiful cover and enough editing that you feel comfortable letting your creation trot out into the world on its own. But now you need that digital home for everyone to be able to find you.

It’s not that hard. And it doesn’t need to be a headache. In fact, it can be pretty easy.

Here’s an example website I built for a music teacher in Spokane, Washington.

As you can see, she has a small studio and opted for very basic set up, including free hosting, which means that the is still attached to her url. For a small yearly fee, a completely custom url can be obtained.

I do not provide graphics at this time, though I can do some small customization to graphics given to me by my clients. Make sure you own the rights!!! 

The beginning rate for this service is $100 for four hours of work. I do offer a free consultation via email to see if this service would be a good fit for you.

This consultation would include a worksheet for you to fill out, to decide what you need in a website and perhaps a set of follow up questions from me, so that I can give you an accurate quote.

The quote will include a live phone call to discuss the site.