Editing Services

Book Editing: 

Combination services of the above are commonly requested. I will consider doing so on a case by case basis. This is only useful if the story structure needs a little brushing up and polishing, but not a full revision.

The following genres are the ones with which I am the most familiar. If you do not see your overarching genre listed, please feel free to contact me. I willing to consider most projects, if I feel I can do it justice.

    • Alternate History
    • Dark Fantasy
    • Dystopian
    • Heroic
    • Historical
    • Mythic
    • Sword and Sorcery
    • High/Epic Fantasy
    • New Age
    • Saga
    • Speculative
    • M/M Romance
    • Paranormal
    • Alternative lifestyle/BDSM
    • Polyamorous

General Editing/Small Project:

I am available to give general editing and proofreading to small projects (under 10,000 words), such as a letter, paper, or blog post.

Contact me to discuss what services are required. Hourly rate starts $30 per hour. Charge goes by the half hour. Minimum is a half hour or $15.