March, 2019 by McKay Mertz, author of Reincarnate 

“Bethany is the type of editor every writer dreams of having. She is extremely professional and very intelligent in her comments. She provides insightful feedback regarding POV, grammar, and syntax. Bethany’s also not afraid to share her own emotions as she reads.

“Perhaps her greatest skill is her understanding of what makes a good scene. Stories are built on scenes and Bethany’s feedback can help improve scenes individually and as a whole so they all fit together cohesively and help tell a great story.

“Her honesty is another invaluable element to working with Bethany. She’s clear and concise in what she thinks can be improved but she also comments on what is working well already. The way she delivers her feedback is very professional and encourages the author to improve and polish their work in new, important ways. I give Bethany Tucker five out of five stars.”


July, 2019 by Max Vonne

“Bethany Tucker did a wonderful job helping edit my book, Star Faer – The Queen Of Zori. Bethany has a fine-tuned ear for character voice and deep point of view. Her line by line grammatical work was meticulous. Her work ethic and response times were incredible.

“It’s important as a writer to not just get feedback, but to understand the methods and techniques needed to improve your work. Bethany’s feedback made a lot of sense to me. She gave me very precise analysis with helpful suggestions. I developed trust in her opinions early. She stayed with me throughout the editing process, finding deeper refinements with each pass. I highly recommend her as an editor. I look forward to continuing to work with her.”


July, 2019 by Marisa

“Bethany is a life-saver when it comes to editing my work. She delivers her critiques promptly, and with vigor and enthusiasm that can’t be matched. I feel that she genuinely cares about my work, and that she’s investing her high-level expertise and knowledge in improving my characters, story, and overall writing.

“It’s evident by her in-depth comments on each chapter that she is well-versed in the world of writing and will take the time to consistently give you constructive feedback on grammar, line-by-line edits, character development, plot progression, and more.

“Bethany truly pushes me to give my best effort when I need it and gives her honest feedback with suggestions on how to bring my story to the next level. I definitely feel my story has improved tenfold thanks to her help and I’m extremely grateful for her time, commitment, and encouragement.”

July, 2019  by L.W.

“Bethany gave me invaluable feedback on my manuscript. Her careful breakdown of my plot, characters, and themes showed me both my strength and weaknesses as a writer. She easily kept track of the small details in my story and was able to see how they fit into the bigger picture. Her tone was professional, honest, and courteous. After working with her, I have a much better understanding of my MS and a newfound excitement for revising. Any writer would benefit from her services.