Story/Series Bible – A wikipedia just for you

A Story Bible or Series Bible is what writers turn to when they need an external brain to hold all the minutiae of their wonderful, dynamic, creative worlds. As world builder, it’s your own Encyclopedia Britannica, or, in more modern terminology, a wikipedia of your personal creative process.

Ideally, it should be searchable, at your fingertips, and up to date!

A Story or Series Bible can include:

  • Descriptions of your characters:
    • Physical Descriptions including flaws, scars, appearance
    • Habits, Mannerisms, Backgrounds, Skills
    • Relationships
  • Explanations of your:
    • Magic System
    • Class System
    • Any other system you might be using
  • A chronological chart of events:
    • WHO was WHERE and WHEN
    • WHO knows WHAT (and perhaps even WHY)
  • Setting Descriptions

There are some wonderful software options out there in which to built your Story/Series Bible, or it’s possible to use a document format. Settling on a format will take during the consultation phase of the project.

I know that when I started creating my first series bible, about 200,000 words into my epic fantasy series, it was a lot of work. But totally worth it despite the time commitment! Next time, I’ll start the bible from the very beginning! Two week just doing data entry was a major bump in my road. So if you need a boost, or a helping hand, let me help you out. I’ve been there. And I learned, the hard way. But hey, it stuck!

We’ll pick a format/software, level of work to be done, and then once I have your MS, it’s off to the races. Pretty soon you’ll have sanity on a page, to help you move forward.

This is fairly intensive work, as I will have to read and reread the manuscript, as well as link and track hundreds, if not thousands individual particles of information. I charge by the 5,000 word block, starting at $240 for the first 40,000 words:

50,000 words = $300

75,000 words = $450

100,000 words = $600

*Fees for any software that you will continue to use after I deliver the bible are additional charges, though I would suggest that you create that account on your own, if at all possible. Make a password to share with me during the project, so I can enter the data for you. Afterward, CHANGE the password!

**Please keep in mind that during the process, I will likely have to contact you to ask questions. Prompt responses will help the project be completed on time and with the highest level of quality.