The First Five Package

Are you a new writer? 

Have you been writing for a while but heard how expensive editing can be? Did it make you nervous? 

Are you wondering how your work measures up?

If so, then THE FIRST FIVE PACKAGE is for you! Congratulations! 

As of July 2019,  I am offering The First Five Package, a personalized learning experience. 

Get the first 5,000 words of your work in progress or finished draft reviewed, line by line. 

Package Contents: 

  • The first 5,000 words of a Work in Progress or finished Manuscript critiqued in 5 Major Categories: 
    • Character Critique for all major characters.
    • Setting Critique.
    • Point of View critique.
    • “Hook” Assessment. (Does the first page grab the reader?) 
    • Line-by-line critique of grammar, dialogue tagging, and paragraphing. 
  • A personalized letter of recommendations, including:
    •  Suggestions for additional books or resources
    • Direct, personalized guidance for improvement

All this for one flat fee of $150 USD! 

Spaces are limited, so don’t wait. Contact me, at the bottom of this page, to reserve your own First Five Package. 

As writers, we often don’t get eyes on our work until we’re very far along. This means we can spend years practicing our craft without knowing what we don’t know. 

Save yourself time and find out what you don’t know you don’t know now! With the First Five Package, you can save your future self thousands of dollars in editing fees. Learn how to make your work cleaner and more professional now. Professional editors charge more for manuscripts with above average numbers of errors. Make your work as clean as possible. Save your bank account. 

And above all, save yourself time. Don’t continue writing with habits that will weaken your work. Learn what your blind spots are, or what your strengths might be! Get professional eyes on your project in this personalized package! 

Message me below! Be sure to include: 

  • Project Title
  • Genre
  • The earliest date your work would be ready for me to review. 

*Suggested books and resources not included. Client must purchase or borrow from a public library on their own.